Covid-19 Information

Our Covid-19 Policy

Any guests showing symptoms of cold, flu or ill health WILL NOT be permitted to board our vehicles or participate in the tour in any way. If you are unwell on the day of the tour please stay home and notify us. This is to protect the health and safety of both our guides and other guests on board.

If mask-wearing is mandated within vehicles, anyone without a mask will not be able to board. We do try to carry spare disposable masks, however this is not always possible so it is the guests responsibility to ensure they have one if required.

What we do to help keep you safe:

  • All tour guides are fully vaccinated as per state Government regulations.
  • Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after each tour.
  • Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes are supplied in the vehicles.
  • On public tours we ask that all guests remain in the same seats whilst onboard vehicles.

Federal & State Government Regulations

Whilst on our tours, all customers must adhere to all Government (Federal and State) imposed COVID-19 mandates, regulations and restrictions that are in place.

This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Meeting proof of vaccination requirements for entry to venues (see the WA Government’s proof of COVID-19 vaccinations page for more information). Providing adequate proof of vaccination, or a valid medical exemption, is the customer’s responsibility and you will be unable to participate if you are not able to provide this on the day of your tour. See acceptable forms of proof of vaccination and medical exemptions here.
  • Check-in via the Services WA App, SafeWA App or manual register, both on board the vehicle AND at all venues throughout the tour.
  • Following social distancing requirements.
  • Adhering to mask-wearing mandates.

In addition to Government-mandated policies, it is important to note that all private businesses reserve the right to impose their own COVID-19 Company Policy, which may include proof of vaccination requirements or mask wearing that is over and above what the Government mandate requires.

To view our cancellation policies around Covid-19 please view our booking terms and conditions.