Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in WA

If you’re a wine lover then you are spoiled for choice in WA. Western Australia produces some of the best wine in the country (well we think so anyway!).

Western Australia boasts nine unique wine regions within hours of Perth – producing 20% of Australia’s premium wine market, from around 3% of the country’s wine grapes.

There are three main regions that we visit on our tours, and they all offer a completely different experience;

The Swan Valley is the oldest wine region in Western Australia and right on the doorstep of Perth. The Perth Hills region is also just 30 minutes away, with the highlight being the Bickley Valley subregion. Although these two regions are physically close to each other, the climate and terroir is quite different and therefore produces styles of wine with varying characteristics. Which one to choose? Take a look to see which region suits you best.

And of course the internationally recognised Margaret River wine region just a two and a half hour drive from Perth City. At just 50 years old, Margaret River is young in terms of certified wine growing regions, but what it lacks in age it makes up for in elegance, style and spectacular natural beauty. In fact, just having the words ‘Margaret River’ on a wine label immediately increases the value of a wine. Yes, it’s a little bit more of a drive, but that is what we are here for, and most people find a day trip to Margaret River very rewarding. For those that have more than a day to spare, speak to us about creating a customised multi-day itinerary of WA’s South West.

We are really passionate about not only taking you to wineries that make fantastic wine that express regionality, but also about offering wine education and personalised wine experiences. Nothing beats speaking directly to the winemaker to really understand what life is like on the vineyard and why the wine tastes the way that it does. Whether you’re at the beginning of your wine journey, or you know a thing or two, there is always more to learn and discover about this evolving industry. As they say, no two wines are ever alike!