Creating your own online Wine Quiz with Zoom

Hosting a wine trivia quiz night on zoom

We were starting to have withdrawals from being around people and talking about wine – we went from spending almost every day at a winery or cellar door and then had to take a break from running our local wine tours here in Perth during the COVID-19 lockdown. So, we decided to host an online wine quiz night to stay connected to our fellow winelovers!

It’s interesting to see how people learnt to adapt during this time and how we now have a new outlook on staying connected while being apart. With innovations like Zoom and Google Hangouts, the idea of being in different countries, states or even suburbs is no longer a barrier for spending time ‘together’. While we used this concept as a way to connect with people in a time when there were no other options, there’s no reason this can’t be used at any time.

So, how did we go about creating our online quiz?

As usual, I volunteered to organise the evening (let’s face it, organising is what we do!). I thought it would be super easy – there has to be some sort of online quiz creator where I can pick a category of pre-written questions, select a few options and it will create the quiz for me. Wrong. It was actually harder than I thought to find a cheap (or free) easy to use solution to host a group of people where the quiz could be hosted rather than the usual online trivia games that you do by yourself.

So, I signed up to several different online quiz creation sites and found that it was either too much work, or I had to sign up to a subscription and lose my quiz once I stop renewing (after all this effort I wanted to be able to reuse it!), or there was a limit to the number of players. Or all of the above.

We were the ‘hosts’ for the quiz and running it on Zoom so we could all see each other and have some friendly banter, so I also wanted a format where the questions were not disclosed ahead of time. Given that everyone is in front of a computer and has an iPhone, it’s pretty easy to do some sneaky Google searches if you can see the questions in advance! AND, I also didn’t want to have to go to the effort of setting up all the questions on a screen or powerpoint for everyone to view – we wanted to just read them out loud.

After much research, testing and frustration, my last brainwave was to check out Google Docs. I’ve used Google Forms before, which is fairly easy to use – perhaps this could be adapted to suit this purpose? Even better! Once I got there, I discovered there is a now a Quiz template in Google Docs!

Setting up our wine quiz night

The way we decided to structure our quiz was to have 5 rounds, and we created a separate answer form for each round. The reason we did this was so that at the end of the round everyone can hit submit, the scores come in and we can tally up the leaderboard to keep everyone up to date with the running scores (each participant was sent an email beforehand with a list of the online links to the response form for each round, but if you are playing with people who are savvy in using Zoom you can also send the links in the ‘chat’ function while you are all online together).

The quiz forms can be set up so that all of the questions get automatically marked after each team submits so that you don’t have to do mark them all manually, but the trick is to structure the questions so that there’s a definitive answer (for example asking what year something was made) – that way you can set them all up as multiple choice and there is a right answer only and no manual work required.

Once the answers are submitted, you will see a list of ‘responses’ on that Google Doc and a score for each team member. TOP TIP: Pre-prepare a spreadsheet with calculation formulas ready to go, so all you have to do is enter the score for each team for each round and it totalled it up automatically. After a couple of glasses of wine, trust me you’ll be glad you did!

Our theme was wine trivia, but if you were doing general knowledge, music trivia or TV themes there are lots of clips on YouTube that you can use where you have to guess the theme song, band, song name etc.

Swan Valley vineyard in Western Australia

Of course for those who have a bit more time on their hands and want to make it more interactive there are plenty of ways to take this quiz concept to the next level. For example;

  • Incorporate a series of blind tasting questions by having wrapped bottles pre-delivered to your quiz participants (see image below).
  • If it’s a small group of 5-6 teams, have each team create a round of quiz questions and send each other your links to the Google quiz answer forms, that way everyone gets to be a part of the quiz and learn some new wine trivia at the same time!
  • If you want to get creative stylize the forms to add in photos or graphics for each round or question, you could even use Canva’s new quiz night templates to create some themed images to add in.

Good luck and make sure you drink some amazing local wine while you are playing!

And of course, when COVID life returns to normal we’d love to see you for a real life wine quiz on one of our wine tours

A wine bottle wrapped for a blind tasting competition