Up Close & Local
Environmental Responsibility

Our food and wine tours are all about creating a connection to the land, people, food, and culture.

Our ethos of supporting local is a huge part of what we do, and we take pride in supporting our local communities by promoting and showcasing small family-owned businesses.

As well as the stories of the producers and their products, throughout our tours we discuss the influence of the environment and the role it plays in how, or why, something is produced the way it is. Out in our wine and farming regions, minimising environmental impact is so important to continue to produce quality products and have a viable business. Although we are City-based, we want to play our part in ensuring we are operating a sustainable and environmentally responsible business wherever we can to support the future of our local industries.

Carbon Reduction

In 2022 we signed up to 'Climate Clever', to undertake the process of registering our usage in order to measure and, more importantly, reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste Management/Recycling

One of the biggest waste items in our business is single use plastic bottles. We don't love using these, but for the responsible service of alcohol we do carry bottled water on board the vehicle for all tours. We do however encourage you to please bring your own refillable bottle if you have one to avoid using these as much as possible.

All plastic bottles that we use are recycled via the Containers for Change program.

Energy Usage

We are lucky enough to be able to operate our business from our home office - in today's world we can give the same personalised service via email or phone without needing a physical shopfront. This means that we save on the additional energy usage of an offsite office (ie security lighting, fridge, computers etc), and we have zero carbon footprint for travel to and from our office!

Fuel consumption

Given that most of our tours require driving, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum can be tricky! This is one of the reasons we try to keep the amount of pick ups on our tours to a minimum - it's much better for the environment for people to walk a few hundred metres to all meet at the same point, making pick ups quicker and more efficient. Plus, walking is a great way to see a City!

We also ensure our vehicles have regular services (as well as additional safety checks) throughout the year, which keeps everything running as efficiently as possible.

And if you need an extra excuse to join a wine or food tour, being part of a small group tour with others where we all travel together is better for the environment than everyone driving individually.